Fixtures and Results

Ultimate at St Andrews caters to all abilities. Our first teams for both men and women compete at the highest level each year.

The Women’s 1st was the best team indoor Scottish team in 2019/20, while our Men’s first team were ranked the 5th in the country outdoors.

The number of teams we have each year is flexible and dependent on those wanting to compete at events. In total we had three women and three men’s team in the 2019/20 season.

We are incredibly lucky to have a huge range of events throughout the academic year. Both beginner and experienced tournaments are held across Scotland and the UK so there is always a chance to play competitively. We are also incredibly welcoming to those who just want to play ultimate and not compete.

We run one recreational session a week of just casual games, no coaching or drills. Our training sessions are well supported by our captains and three coaches. Across the board there is a wealth of international experience. Within the club there has been numerous international selections, some of whom only started playing when they came to St Andrews.


The club has two women’s and two men’s teams. Both our first teams compete at division 1 BUCS tournaments, indoors and outdoors.

Over the years the first teams have been very successful. In 2017 the men’s team won indoor nationals and the following year came 2nd outdoors. Our women’s team became Scottish indoor champions this year and were set to do very well in the outdoor season of 2019/20.

If you are interested in a less competitive experience and on developing ultimate skills, we also have great second teams. Both our second teams have been consistently good across the years both in results and player development.

Both our men’s and women’s teams have been the highest placing second team nationally multiple times. We have also been able to enter third teams on the both the men’s and women’s side in indoor competition. In addition to our separate trainings and tournaments, we also compete together in mixed indoor and outdoor tournaments. This is a great way for the men’s and women’s sides to learn from each other and to have a chance to compete together as one club. In 2019, our mixed team came 8th at indoor nationals.

Men’s 1sts – Scottish Tier 1

Men’s 2nds – Scottish Tier 2

Women’s 1sts – Scottish Tier 1

Women’s 2nds – Scottish Tier 1

Women’s side

The women’s side has both a first and second team. The teams generally train together at most sessions. Our women’s side will be captained by Grace Sisel during the 2020-21 year. A second team captain will be chosen in the fall. Oli Browne and Rachel Turton are the head coaches for the women.

All of our women’s teams compete in the Scottish BUCS Tier 1 region.

During the 2019/2020 season our first team won the Scottish indoor championship and finished 6th at division 1 indoor nationals. The firsts qualified for the 2020 division 1 outdoor nationals after the BUCS regional league days. The first team strives to perform at a high level each year.  

The second team and third teams both qualified for division 2 indoor nationals after impressive finishes at the 2019 Scottish indoor regionals beating both second and first teams. The second team came third in at indoor nationals becoming the best second team in the UK. Our third team came 13th beating out a first team in the process. Our second team qualified for division 2 outdoor nationals after an impressive BUCS league performance. The second team will continue to develop both new and returning players and to look to see impressive results at competitions.

Men’s Side

The men’s side has a first and second team. The men’s teams have separate training sessions but have joint skills session once per week. Our men’s side will be led by co-captains Tom Box and Benjamin Tang. They will be assisted by offensive coordinator Fraser Park and defensive coordinator Kai Wayman. A second team captain will be chosen in the fall. Benji Heywood is the head coach for the men.

The men’s first team competes in the Wednesday afternoon BUCS Scottish Tier 1 league. The second team competes in the BUCS Scottish Tier 2 League.

In 2017 the first won indoor nationals and in 2018 came second at outdoor nationals. In 2019/2020 our first team placed second in the Scottish Tier 1 league and qualified for division 1 outdoor nationals. They also placed 12th at division 1 indoor nationals. The first team is focused on high performance and seeks to place as highly as possible nationally.

The men’s second team was the best second team in the country during the 2018/2019 season. In 2019/2020 the seconds had a competitive season in BUCS league. The second team is an important part of player development in the club with most of the first team have played for the seconds previously. The second team will continue to focus on player development and will seek to be competitive in division 2.